Paris Hilton Gets Married

After four engagements, Miss Paris Hilton finally got married at 40 years old. The wedding took place at Paris’ grandfather Barron Hilton’s estate in Bel-Air. After struggling with more than a dozen wedding dresses, Paris finally chose Oscar de la Renta. I feel that the eldest lady is still in very good condition. Looking at her husband Carter Rem, she is full of love. She herself said, “Over the years, I have been looking for my partner, not only someone who can share dreams, but someone who can create the future together.”

In fact, since getting engaged in February this year, Paris has been “preparing” for the wedding for nearly a year. I also took time to shoot a 13-episode wedding reality show “Paris in Love”, which was launched on the wedding day. In the trailer released before, you can see that the marriage proposal and marriage preparation process of the two are recorded in detail. The family is also busy preparing for this. The wedding of the eldest lady must be full of ceremony~

Today, let’s take a look at Paris and Carter’s dream wedding, as well as their long marriage preparation process~


How Luxury Is Wedding?


Wedding Dress

Paris previously said she planned to change 10 outfits for the wedding, and has shown five so far. In the trailer of the reality show before, I also tried various wedding dresses, and I felt very entangled.

The last piece at the wedding was from Oscar de la Renta, who, according to her, took several months to complete with two designers. “I love the way it looks. I want something that is timeless, elegant, chic and iconic”, and it feels like it took a long time to find her dream wedding dress.

High-necked and long-sleeved, light trailing tail, and elegant embroidery. The embroidery alone took 8 workers 1,400 man-hours to make. It is indeed quite dreamy, and it is very different from the exaggerated style of Miss. Especially impressive is the floor-length veil, which is also embroidered with lace flowers, giving it a fairytale feel.

Many media believe that the design of this wedding dress may have been inspired by Grace Kelly’s wedding dress. Paris has also said before that “I have always liked and admired this beautiful icon.” Many people also think of the Valentino wedding dress that her sister Nicky wore when she married her husband James Rothschild in July 2015.

At the party after the wedding, Paris opened her own dress-up show. For example, in this Pamella Roland custom dress, the shawl inlaid with crystals is very eye-catching. She also performed her first dance in an off-the-shoulder Ghalia Lav ball gown with a sparkling crown. The huge skirt looks like a princess full of heart. Finally, put on a fluffy miniskirt from Oscar de la Renta, which is easy to get high at the dance. But on the second day of the Carnival Party, Paris put on her favorite pink again. This pink Barbie dress is custom made by Stacey Bendet of Alice + Olivia, and it’s full of princess hearts.

In this wedding, the bridesmaids wore pink lace dresses, all from Alice + Olivia; the married sister Nicky’s dress is from the same brand, and the style is more elegant.

The groom’s dress was custom-made from Zegna and matched with Cartier’s cufflinks, which was exquisite and could not go wrong. On the second day’s Party, in order to match Paris’ pink elements, he put a pink hoodie in the dark blue sportswear, matching it as a couple’s outfit.

In fact, as early as a week ago, Paris has fully entered the bride-to-be mode. When she attended the LACMA party with Carter last Saturday night, she also showed off her love in a dress like a wedding dress. This white tulle gown was custom-made by Pamela Rolland and paired with white high heels for a bridal vibe. It is said that she was still looking for a “dream wedding dress” for herself until the day before her wedding, and it was also very hard.


Jewelry Diamond Ring

At the wedding, Paris wore her pretty big diamond ring, paired with equally dazzling diamond earrings. The ring weighs about 20 carats in total, and is set with an emerald-cut diamond in the center, which is estimated to be at least $2 million. The designer of the ring is Jean Dousset, the great-grandson of Louis Cartier, the founder of Cartier. Paris also specially equipped a pair of blingbling see-through gloves when they got engaged, which made the diamond ring even more shining~ It is said that the design of the ring was inspired by the Eiffel Tower (probably to echo the name of Paris), in short, it is definitely a worthy heiress engagement ring. In the reality show, I also showed a big diamond ring of BlingBling. When I showed it in front of my sisters, my face was full of happiness and pride~

At the ball after the wedding, Paris also wore an exquisite diamond and tiara, paired with an equally shining necklace, adding a gorgeous and fairytale atmosphere to the look.


Makeup Hairstyle

The funny thing is that the eldest lady also posted on her official website, introducing the details of her makeup and hair in great detail, and brought a wave of goods by the way. She said the makeup was inspired by icon Marilyn Monroe, created by celebrity makeup artist Steven Tabimba, and that the skin was “matte and velvety, like rose petals.” Moisturize with La Mer Luxe Moisturizer before starting makeup, paired with ProDNA Eye Cream. Also used Make Up for Ever concealer, Viva Glam II lipstick and more…

The hairstyle was created by star stylist Eduardo Ponce, who chose a classic bun, kept it simple and made the whole person look crisp and chic, and used a full range of Unite hair products throughout the process.


Venue Guests

The wedding venue was chosen at her late grandfather Barron Hilton’s Bel Air estate in California, which was warmer and more private. It is said that the original plan was to get married at the church, and then the venue was urgently changed in October.

In fact, the property is no longer owned by the Hilton family. They sold it to former Google CEO Eric Schmidt in May for $61.5 million. But Paris said that when she was a little girl, she wanted to get married at her grandfather’s manor one day, and this time she wanted to fulfill her wish.

The top planner Mindy Weiss team was invited to the wedding, and the layout of the scene was mainly composed of light-colored flowers, which was warm but not luxurious. However, the wedding hall is more stylish, and the atmosphere is very full.

Paris reportedly spent $60,000 upfront on wedding supplies alone. Including a few hundred dollars worth of Hermes plates, a $1,000 crystal caviar container, and a $4,885 baccarat vase, etc., and a Beerbreak for decoration. I also bought a lot of crystal wine glasses worth several hundred dollars. It is said that the list was made by two people together. It seems that the eldest lady has to do everything herself for this wedding.

There’s also a five-tiered cake, made by Joanie and Leigh’s Cakes. The wedding reception was helmed by celebrity chef Wolfgang Puck, who served delicious food to the guests.

As a top Internet celebrity, Paris’s marriage is naturally a gathering of celebrities, and there is a sense of sight that a new season of “The Beverly Wife” will be filmed. The most eye-catching is her two best friends Kim Kardashian and Nicole Richie.

After Paris became popular because of the videotape incident, it was through starring in the reality show “The Simple Life” with her best friend Nicole Richie that she attracted attention again. In the play, the two go to the countryside to experience poverty, which is somewhat similar to the current “X-change”. After so many years, the friendship between girlfriends is still very strong.

Not to mention Kim Kardashian. Back then, as the eldest’s little follower, she was called to pinch her feet when she was idle. When she was busy, she was a house elf, and she had to keep a fake smile when she was excluded, indifferent and neglected. After Kim Kardashian became popular, the two fell out for a while. Regardless of how the relationship has warmed up in recent years, this wedding Jin also helped the eldest miss to tidy up the skirt, as if returning to the past.

Paris’s family was also there. The younger sister Nicky also gave a speech on the spot, Paris was moved to cover her chest, and the groom was heart-to-heart. The groom himself also made a speech, and was treated by his mother-in-law to wipe her tears.

Yesterday’s carnival party was even more fun. A Paris-themed playground was built directly on the Santa Monica Pier. Ferris wheel, games, and DJ performances were all available.

In the past nine months from engagement to marriage, Paris and Carter can talk very fulfilling. Not only are they busy preparing for the wedding, but they also have two big pre-wedding parties, taking time out in the middle to show their affection, and all kinds of love affairs. The composition is written to fly. In early October, an Alice in Wonderland-themed pre-wedding bachelorette party was held in Los Angeles, and many relatives and friends were invited to celebrate together. Paris was dressed in a white dress like a princess.

In addition to mother Kathy Hilton and the actors of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills”, the actual lineup has a sense of sight of a celebrity meeting.

There was even a champagne vending machine on site, so you can imagine how high it was.

Later, I went to Las Vegas to hold a pre-wedding bachelorette party. Paris also confessed to Carter crazily on Instagram, saying that she couldn’t wait to marry him, and even the tags were “Hilton bathing in love”, “Hilton bathing in love” Rem is always together” and other small compositions are so sweet.

It is said that during the two years with Carter, Paris wrote a lot of small compositions to confess: “Happy 13-month anniversary to my love! You make me feel like I am the princess of Disney’s fairy tales”, “In my most Crazy dream, I’ve never dreamed of such a perfect and special love! You made my dream come true!” Wait, plus the prince and princess emoji.

A vacation is all about “a couple in paradise”, with a beautiful photo of two people looking at each other affectionately.

I don’t know when it started, the anniversary of the two of them is “monthiversary” every month, and then a small composition of the countdown to the wedding is attached.

Paris has previously revealed that she has been undergoing IVF treatment since January, that Carter is the guy of her dreams, and that she has even started planning the baby’s name, such as a place name like her, such as London Something like that… inside and out, it’s said that this person has been identified.

The daily group photos are also sweet enough to explode. Every time the eldest lady wears all kinds of concave shapes, Carter cooperates very well as a green leaf~ When attending Harry Winston’s activities together, the handsome men and beautiful women look quite right, and the couples take selfies. It’s also super sweet, one funny and one cooperating. Going skiing together must also take 10086+ photos, leaving a figure of love all over the world, almost every vacation has to have an affectionate look at each other. Paris wore her favorite floral dress, while Carter wore it casually. When Paris dresses up as a female boss for formal occasions, Carter also turns into a boss.


“Miss Swinger”, 20 Love Affairs


Miss Paris is everyone’s “old acquaintance”, she comes from one of the wealthiest families in the world, the Hilton family. Born with a golden spoon in his mouth, his weekly pocket money in childhood was nearly 1,000 RMB, and he lived in the presidential suite of the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York since birth.

Although she is a real celebrity, Paris has always been high-profile and controversial. Especially in terms of love life, when there is trouble over the years, it will become the talk of the public after dinner.

She has dated nearly 20 boyfriends, from the heirs of the Greek shipping industry to well-known actors, from “old bacon” to small fresh meat, all of which are either rich or expensive. In addition, she was exposed to the “videotape” incident when she was young, so the public’s impression of her is that of a “rich swing girl”~

For more than ten years, there have been three good news of engagement with Paris. The first was male model Jason Shaw, and the second was Greek shipping heir Paris Latsis. At that time, he gave Paris a large diamond ring weighing 24 carats, blinding everyone. In 2018, Paris was engaged to her then-boyfriend Chris Zelka. To say that the eldest miss’s engagement ring has never been 20 carats, so was the pigeon egg in her hand at that time. However, the young couple said goodbye soon after their engagement, and this time they still failed to achieve a positive result. So it’s Paris’ fourth engagement with Carter Rem. The two have known each other for 15 years and established a relationship in 2019. The relationship has been heating up since the exchange.


Second Generation Of The Elite Wealthy, Also A “Slash Youth”


Although the Carter family is incomparable to his girlfriend’s family background, they are also from the second generation of the elite and rich. His father was CEO of Amsted Corporation, one of the largest privately held companies in the United States. Born in Chicago, Carter attended Columbia University, where he graduated second in his class, and worked in the investment banking division of Goldman Sachs from 2002 to 2006.

Carter’s family also has an older sister and a younger brother, both of whom graduated from Columbia University. After graduating, Carter and his brother Courtney founded an all-natural vodka brand company: VEEV Spirits, which has been named one of the 500 fastest-growing private companies in the United States. In 2016, he founded the venture capital firm M13. Lyft, Snapchat, Pinterest and other well-known companies are his investment projects, and his business is booming. Not only is business savvy, Carter is also very good at writing. He started writing for The Huffington Post and Inc. magazine very early. In 2018, he and his younger brother published a book called “Shortcut Your Startup” to share and teach his “quick start-up experience”. In the media and entertainment circles, Carter also made occasional appearances. Such as appearing on CBS and Fox TV as a guest or commentator. In 2006, he also walked the runway for Johnnie Walker’s “Dressed To Kilt” collection during Fashion Week, a real slash youth.

Carter and the Hilton family are very familiar and have known each other for more than ten years. According to Paris, when the two spent Thanksgiving together at Sister Carter’s house one year, they sparked each other. When they handed over such an excellent boyfriend, Paris herself made no secret of showing off her love on instagram . She once said on the Lady gaga podcast that she was “100 percent sure that Carter was the real deal.”

The marriage, Paris also told Vogue: “I’m looking for a close love. This person is not obsessed with ‘Paris Hilton’, but sees the real me and falls in love with that me.”, Carter “A loving and kind person, someone who could be the father of my future children.”